Features of SQLDatabase.Net Library

It is a .net software library that provides a relational database management system which runs on all major operating system with the same code base and database file format. It supports multi-threading against single connection. See example code for more capabilities.

  1. ANSI SQL standards
  2. Atomic Transactions
  3. Server Less
  4. Written as .NET dll
  5. Same Library for x86 and x64
  6. Zero Configuration
  7. Does not depend on other libraries
  8. Transactional ACID Compliant
  9. B+Tree indexes
  10. Multi Column indexes
  11. ACID transactions BEGIN, COMMIT and ROLLBACK
  13. Auto Increment int values
  14. Numeric Sequence generation
  15. Row Id builtin
  16. String Format function similar to .Net
  17. Date time functions
  18. AES 256 builtin security except PCL
  19. Column level security based on AES 256 encryption
  20. ReIndex
  21. CAST function CAST (Value AS Type)
  22. Temporary Tables
  23. In Memory Database
  24. External Memory Stream databases
  25. Multiple Schema Files
  26. Ability to JOIN in memory and on disk files
  27. Subqueries and Correlated Subqueries
  28. EXISTS operator
  29. Boolean Expressions
  30. Builtin Functions
  31. Variable-length records
  32. Triggers and Views
  33. Storage of Bytes Array as BLOB
  34. VACUUM command
  35. INSERT OR .... support
  36. Small Memory footprint
  37. Consistent with System.Data class
  38. Reduced or no learning time
  39. DDL, DML and DQL are supported
  40. ALIAS support
  41. Backup ability
  42. Copy paste easy deployment
  43. Multiple .dll files can reside on same machine
  44. Ability to set different .net cultures

SQLDatabase.Net.dll and SQLDatabase.Net.PCL have many more features than listed , it stands out against similar embedded databases even in basic comparison.