.NET Database

SQLDatabase.Net.dll was originally designed to overcome the limitations of SQLite and SQL CE as file handling and corruption in SQLite increased the troubleshooting time since .NET file handling and errors are much more easy to troubleshoot .NET was choosen as the language to write the library which made it highly compatible with existing .NET application.

To increase consitency SQLDatabase.Net.dll attempted to support .Net related objects and SQLite related commands, reducing the learning time which comes with new technology. The library support SQL Server data types and string comparisons from .Net such as Ordinal, in the background it uses the same parser as SQLite and translates the correct datatypes so the SQL statments are also compatible.

It supports minimum .NET 3.5 client profile on mobile uses Xamarin and .NET 4.5, the .net objects such as Memory Stream, File Stream and Stream are directly used providing high speed and compatiblity with Any CPU settings you can run it on x86 or x64 with out any code changes. Deployment is simply copying it along with your application and in ASP.NET placing it in Bin folder of application.



CREATE TABLE Table1 (Id Int , Name Varchar(MAX));

Both will work Integer and Int both are tranlated to Int32 of .NET and Text and Varchar are handled through string and string builder classes of .Net